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Jane has been growing and collecting African Violets for over 30 years. During that time she has acquired a wealth of knowledge about these beautiful flowers. Through Jane's African Violets website, Jane shares her passion with others.


Jane is a member of several African Violet groups including the Hunter Valley Africa Violet Society, the African Violet Association of Australia, African Violet Society of Queensland and the African Violet Society of America. This assists Jane as she continues her journey in understanding and discovering more about African Violets. It is also a way for Jane to share her knowledge with others who have a passion for African Violets, many who have dedicated significant time and interest into this magnificent species. 


Jane has won a number of prizes and trophies at association shows over the years, including the Hunter Valley African Violets Society.


 Jane’s African Violets operates from the town of Wauchope on the New South Wales mid-north coast. The nursery hosts a wide variety of African Violets, and plants are available to purchase from the Nursery only. Jane is not able to post plants due to their fragility.

Through the order page on this website, you can order leaves of your favourite African Violets for growing and producing babies in your conditions. Not forced to grow in over heated environments. 

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