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  • Scalpel, with changeable blades so you have a sharp cutting edge so as not to bruise your leaves when cutting.

  • Spoons for potting mix addition under leaves in a pot.

  • I use pointy nosed forceps for all kinds of jobs, removing suckers, leaf stubs, small leaves etc.

  • Shaving brush to clean leaves. Support the leaf and brush from center out.

  • Sandwich bags to place over a leaf and pot.

  • Pots and wicks of different sizes.

  • Plastic bottle of room temperature water for watering leaves & plants

  • Methylated Spirits to put instruments into to clean them during and after use. 

8 babies after 4 months.jpg

Baby plantlet growing from mother leaf. 

They can also be behind the mother. 

These are too small to divide up yet. The babies need to have at least 6-9 leaves each and their own root system developing. 

They can't survive off mother without their own root system. 

8b babies behind mother.jpg
9 Standard babies after 3 months.jpg

These babies are only 2 months from planting mother. 

These babies would be ready to divide up into their own individual pots. Carefully tease the potting mix off the roots and separate each baby off the mother leaf. Plant up into the same size (70mm) pot and wick for each individual plantlet. I would now use full African Violet potting mix for the babies to grow in. A commercial mix should have 50-60% Perlite added to it to lighten the mix. 

11 standard babies ready to divide.jpg
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