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Starting your new leaves

Order Package.jpg

Your leaves will be individually packed in a plastic bag, labeled with the name, wrapped in tissue paper inside a box.

With each order is an African Violet Information sheet and Staged growing hints for you to help get the best results for your new leaves. 

3 pots ofr large leaves.jpg
2 different items for mini leaves.jpg

Pots for standard size leaves could be a drink cup with holes in the bottom for drainage or a 70mm pot from Jane. A wick of nylon yarn or cord.

Potting needs.jpg

Here are some suggested items to have ready to pot up your new leaves. 

1. Pots with a nylon wick. 70mm for standard leaves, 55mm pot for miniature leaves

2. Leaf mix; 1/3 Vermiculate, 2/3 Perlite.

3. Fertilizer

4. A container to act as a reservoir to sit your pots onto so the wick goes into the bottom to draw up the nutrient.

Takeaway container, plastic box from a $2 type shop with holes in the lid for the wick

Pots for miniature leaves could be a medicine cup, a shot glass, a coffee pod for very small leaves, or a 55mm pot from Jane

A thin nylon wick for the pot. e.g. Brickies Line from the $2 shop or hardware shop.

4 leaf ready for cutting.jpg

A sharp knife (scalpel) and cutting board to make a fresh cut at the end of the leaf.

5 cut leaf.jpg
1 Pot with mix and leaf bag.jpg

Your new leaf, pot with moistened wick in it, leaf propagating mix and a small plastic bag to place over the leaf. 

Label your pot with plant name and date.   

I use white Electrical tape and a permanent marker. Easy to remove from the pot later on. Always keep track of your plant name. 

Cut the leaf straight at the base, then a cut at 45 Deg. angle. In the sloping cut, make a slit in the center to form a forked tongue. This is where the roots and the babies grow from.

6 Leaf in wet mix and pot.jpg
7 Plastic bag over leaf.jpg

Place leaf into moistened mix, approx. 1cm for standards, 1/2 cm for miniature leaves, standing upright, Water through with room temperature water. Cover with a plastic bag. Let stand to drain for awhile before placing onto your reservoir with the wick into the bottom. 

Place into a warm, well lit area. Careful of windows at night. They get very cold.


Put nutrient solution into your reservoir to provide food for the mother leaf. 

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