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                                                             Wick watering Maxiwell reservoirs and pots


This picture shows the 100mm pot supplied with acrylic wick, Maxiwell reservoir in which the pot fits.

The reservoir has a clear base so the water level can be easily viewed.

The picture with the plant shows the complete unit, pot, reservoir and plant in the pot.


Plant not included in price.

Not suitable for starting leaves in. Pot is too large.


Pots are $1 each with a wick.  Reservoirs are $6.00.  Set is $7.00


The wick allows for continuous watering via capillary action when the plant needs to be watered.



The unit makes a nice display of your plant. The reservoir has a wide base and does not tip over. Available in white or black.

A small clear reservoir, Miniwell, is available with pot for miniature plants.

Pots are green or black. White no longer available.

$3.00 per set   Pots are 50 cents each.               

Maxiwell picture.jpg
Mini wells.jpg
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